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“You Can’t See Your Pictures Yet.” —This App

None Hey, look, we know St. Patrick’s Day may or may not be your thing.

Sort of a moot point anyway since it’s over now.

Never happened.

Those pictures never happened.

And even if they did, we’re not here to judge.

That’s this thing’s job...

What’s past is prologue, and definitely hiding inside of Flashgap, a new app that lets you take as many pictures as you want when you’re out at night, but won’t let you see them until noon the next day, now available for iPhone and Android.

You remember the endings of all the Hangover movies where they finally see all the pictures they took the night before. Well, that’s what inspired the creators of this thing. Terrible idea. No good will come of this. Still. Fun, right?

It goes like this: you’re out. Just sort of doing stuff. You pull out this app, create an album and invite some friends to share it with you. Then you keep doing stuff. Really get in there. Be all excited. Slap someone on the back and smile at them. It has begun...

Fade in. It’s the next day. High noon. You’ll get a notification—your pictures are ready to be viewed.

Again, terrible idea.

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