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A Hot Meal via Pressing Some Buttons

None Okay, Puck’s gotten enough attention around here.

Might be high time some random person in Venice got noticed for their pork pastries.

Cue Foodie Shares, a new app corralling home chefs who charmingly have yet to achieve any level of reality show fame but still want to make you delicious things—it’s now in beta and officially launching March 5 for iOS.

To start, apologies for saying “foodie.”

Now, three reasons why you may want to use this thing.

You can never find good pig-shaped, pork-filled pastries.
Until now. Just set up a profile and start searching home cooks by location, dishes or price. Hey, here’s a woman named Serelyn, making porky pastries shaped like pig heads in Venice. Sounds like innovation worth considering.

Doing it up for a date.
Preparing Dover sole would be nice. If you prepared Dover sole. But you could preorder it here from the guy who does. Then arrange a pickup or delivery. No big deal, just a (very) little place you know.

You believe in the majesty of your burger.
The one you’ve been refining for years. So offer it to other users for critical feedback on your secret-sauce-to-brioche-bun ratio.

Before you commit to the drive-through.

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