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A Burger-and-Beer Joint in East Dallas

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Most people see a burger bun and think: “Hey, lunch.”

Fewer people see a burger bun and think: “Hey, opportunity.”

This is for both of those people.

Free two hands for Dugg Burger, a casual outfit that’s serving burgers, fries, drinks and absolutely nothing else, now open in East Dallas at Casa Linda Plaza. (Check it out.)

First thing to know: these guys are hollowing out the top bun, thereby giving you more cocoon-like space for your toppings to huddle together comfortably. So... disaster averted, we guess.

Now, enter the premises. If you find yourself surrounded by exposed brick, wood tables and metal chairs, you’re in the right place. If not... how embarrassing for you.

Then walk up and peruse the menu. You’ll see a few signature burgers, but it’s mostly a build-your-own operation. And each burger sits on a fresh Village Baking Co. bun. (Here’s that menu.)

You’ve got 12 toppings (plus a rotating 13th) and four cheeses to choose from. So don’t hold back. Lettuce and tomato, sure, but also crispy onion strings, hickory-smoked bacon and fiery jalapeños.

Oh yeah, fries. Get some fries.

And for drinks: beer. Local ones from Revolver and Four Corners.

Also water and soda, but that’s not very interesting.


Dugg Burger
9540 Garland Rd, Ste 407
Dallas, TX, 75218


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