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An Old Town Spot with Marrow and Whiskey

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Lately you’ve celebrated love. You’ve celebrated our many presidents. You’ve celebrated frozen precipitation.

Time to get back to celebrating the basics: bone-marrow burgers and smoked whiskey.

At this place: Mason Social, a new Old Town Alexandria spot, opening next Wednesday.

Not to be confused with the Masons who built the giant temple up the street (and who may be running everything), this is named after a local mayor from the 1800s. And you’ll find it in the same just-renovated neighborhood where you can now get coq au vin at Bastille, or donuts at Sugar Shack.

None of those are here. But there’s plenty of pork skins, pork belly hash and seared pork tenderloin. Even some nice non-pork things, like the aforementioned marrow burger. Or the non-aforementioned celery-root hummus.

Take a look. You might sample such things near a mural of agrarian-age Alexandria. Or archival images of the milk-bottle factory that once stood here.

Or just head for the bar, should you be in the mood for a Port City on draft or hibiscus-infused gin. Both of which may be served in mason jars.

You saw that coming.


Mason Social
728 N Henry St
Alexandria, VA, 22314


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