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Beers and Bourbon Sloppy Joes in a Barrel of a Bar

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Lots of good stuff comes in barrels.



Entire establishments dedicated to you drinking whiskey.

Just in case you prefer the first one... and the third one...

See you at Idle Hour, a newly rejuvenated, oddly barrel-shaped bit of drinking history with 24 taps and the occasional bourbon-y sloppy joe, soft-opening Friday in North Hollywood. (See the slideshow.)

Here’s why you’ll be going.

You know these guys.
It was rehabilitated by 1933 Group, who did Harlowe, Bigfoot and Sassafras. If there’s anyone you’d trust in matters of bars that are barrel-shaped, it’s them.

It’s a historic whiskey barrel.
It’s a 74-year-old structure, heavy on smooth cedar.

Right, there are drinks to drink.
Lots. Twenty-four taps with local beers and Moscow Mules. Whiskey behind chicken wire. Drinks like the Doctor’s Orders (rye, cognac, black tea, lemon and honey). And build-your-own boilermakers. For anyone with boilermaker trust issues. (Check out the menu.)

Sloppy joes, upgraded.
Drinking goes great with the intake of kielbasa dogs and bourbon-braised, gruyère-having sloppy joes. Try it sometime.

Patio alert.
Scorching Valley summers are the enemy. Huge backyard beer gardens are the cure.

To paraphrase Beaches. Or something.

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