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These Leather Notebooks Have Infinite Pages

None “Nothing ever lasts forever.”

Tears for Fears said that.

And Tears for Fears, God bless their precious ’80s hearts, were wrong.

At least in the case of Bull & Stash, a new mélange of leathery wonder-notebooks that never fall apart and never run out of pages, online now for your perusing pleasure and restocking February 23.

Notebooks. You’ve had a few. And whenever you’ve exhausted their page count with highly precise sketches of the Sistine Chapel and/or experimental chili recipes, they pretty much became useless to you. No more.

Because here are some thoroughly old-school pen-and-paper notation devices made from thick, oiled leather that would have been right at home in Hemingway’s back pocket.

With one crucial difference: its paper is held in place with metal hardware and Chicago screws. So once you fill that final page, you can remove the spent reams and replace them with a fresh 30-page refill. In short, your notebook’s immortal so long as trees continue to be things.

Now that you’ve got a notebook for life, you can give it a name. Go on adventures together. Get in trouble. Post each other’s bail.

Though, it probably won’t come to that.

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