Little Easy

Operation Gumbo Drop

Sazeracs and Gumbo at the Alexandria Hotel

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Two weeks until Mardi Gras.

But it’d be much more Mardi Gras of you to just go ahead and start Mardi Gras–ing tonight.

Let the bons temps roll at Little Easy, a scenic new bar evoking a French Quarter manor, now open at Downtown’s Alexandria Hotel under the Down & Out/Two Bits crew. (See the slideshow here.)

Just step off 5th Street into a picturesque parlor of damask wallpaper with a stuffed, upright alligator facing the L-shaped bar. Feels a lot like... well, you know. New Orleans is what they’re going for. Good place for a bunch of friends to get together. Now go ahead and order Vieux Carrés, Sazeracs, gumbo and Abita-braised brisket here. Here’s made for doing that.

Then you’ll navigate a twisty hallway into the former shell of the Gorbals. Which now looks all Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil–y. Gurgling fountain in the center. Soul music everywhere. Patio porch swing to the left. Red-curtained bordello scene on the right. Grab a seat on either side.

And then... anything goes. If you want po’boy sliders, that can happen.

If you want beignets, that can happen.

Man. New Orleans–themed bars are crazy.


Little Easy
216 5th St
Los Angeles, CA, 90013


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