Things to do for January 16, 2015

The Weekender

Tacos, Ramen and Marilyn Monroe

The weekend is nominated just to be honored.

Noodles from the Eggslut Guy

Noodles from the Eggslut Guy

You’ve got some tough lunch decisions to make in Chinatown these days. Chego, Pok Pok and now Ramen Champ, a tiny little spot offering pork, chicken and vegan ramen from the Eggslut guy. Luckily, you eat lunch a lot.

Now soft-open, officially opens Jan 19, Ramen Champ, Far East Plaza, 727 N Broadway, Chinatown

Hamasaku Looks Different

Hamasaku Looks Different

Historically, it was easy to get too distracted by Hamasaku’s sashimi and genetically gifted clientele to pay much attention to how the place looked. But the modern new blond-wood-y room is much more likely to command your undivided attention. And you... wait, who’s that?

Now open, Hamasaku, 11043 Santa Monica Blvd, 310-479-7636

Chicken. Waffles. Whiskey.

Chicken. Waffles. Whiskey.

Unbelievable, but Larchmont is yet to have a casual neighborhood place with a giant alligator on the wall. But now it does. And there’s also a long list of small-batch whiskeys, plus chicken and waffles and pizza from Wood & Vine’s old chef. If that interests you.

So Many Tortillas. Just... So Many.

So Many Tortillas. Just... So Many.

Your suggested Mexican-food itinerary for Saturday:
Lunch: You’re Baldwin Hills–bound for flautas with mole and cochinita pibil at a new stall from the much-loved chefs at Bell’s Casita Mexicana.
Dinner: To Venice for oak-grilled-steak tacos, asada fries and calamari tacos from the Oscar’s Cerveteca crew at Clutch.
Sunday: Sequel.

Oh, Just Some Legendary Movie Stars

Oh, Just Some Legendary Movie Stars

James Dean relaxing between takes. Marilyn smoldering at some gala. Brando chuckling. Mack Sennett Studios is displaying pretty amazing photos of classic movie stars by Phil Stern on Sunday. You could maybe look at them all day. We just mean that literally. This thing goes all day.

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