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The Sardinia Guys’ Southern Italian Hideout

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So the Sardinia guys are stuffing fried pizza into calzones.

Now, after you’ve collected yourself... meet Campania Ristorante & Pizza, the third offering from the Sardinia crew and a solid spot for grappa, pasta and fried-pizza-stuffed calzones, now open in the Design District. (See the slideshow.)

This was Egg & Dart. But now, it’s Campania. And it feels like a whitewashed villa tucked away on the Amalfi Coast—white wooden tables, black-and-white photos, Italian cookbooks lining the shelves... Not exactly the worst feeling in the world.

It’s dinner only right now (lunch starts Monday). So bring your appetite, walk in and start making decisions:

First, drinks. Can’t go wrong with a bottle from their wine wall. But there’s grappa behind the bar, too.

Then, pick a pizza. It’ll come out of a wood-burning oven. Go with the Campania. It has prosciutto on it.

Finally, order more: like the baked branzino or the Fritto Sanitá—that’s a calzone stuffed with fried pizza, ricotta and salami. Yes, fried pizza.

Before you go, take a gander at the market directly to your right. That’s where you’ll pick up some burrata that’s been made in-house that day.

Burrata’s the best kind of souvenir.


Campania Ristorante & Pizza
4029 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33127


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