Things to do for January 15, 2015

The Weekender

Kilts, Cheetos Mac and Cheese, and Frodo

The weekend is rated MA for mature audiences only.

Eating Hummus from a Man in a Kilt

Eating Hummus from a Man in a Kilt

Look, just because we’re telling you that a new Greek spot has opened up in Edgewater doesn’t mean you should go in expecting gyros. So having said that... Eat Greek’s now open on Biscayne. And it’s got servers in kilts bringing you branzino and retsina. And fine—gyros.

The Fed Turns Three. Time to Eat.

The Fed Turns Three. Time to Eat.

The Fed may be turning three, but you and the Pious Pig crew go way back. Like Phuc Yea way back. And Blue Piano’s Cheetos mac and cheese way back. And to thank you for your weird appetite, they’re bringing their classics back every Thursday in January. Cheetos > Umami.

Frodo Is DJing Tonight. Believe.

Frodo Is DJing Tonight. Believe.

Who: People who like music. And maybe LOTR. Oh, and you.
What: Elijah Wood and his buddy Zach Cowie step behind the turntables as DJ duo Wooden Wisdom.
Where: The tried-and-true Midtown haunt Bardot.
When: 10pm.
Why: Because it’s Frodo.
How: The One Ring. Obviously.

British Dapperness on Lincoln Road

British Dapperness on Lincoln Road

Ted Baker, that British purveyor of fetching things, is making his way to Lincoln Road. Expect lightweight suits, camo prints and chino shorts. And from 2 to 10pm on Friday and Saturday, that’ll include gratis drinks and a gift when you pick up a little something. Or a lot of something. Your call.

Opens Jan 16, 11am, Ted Baker, 1111 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, 305-695-0590

After-Partying in a Museum

After-Partying in a Museum

10:55pm: You’re walking into the Remix after-party and grabbing some champagne. Also: a chocolate something or other from the dessert table. Maybe three.
12:30am: You’re leading a samba dancer under the stars while a Brazilian band sets the pace.
3:00am: You’re... well, it’s really none of our business.

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