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Grasshoppers and Bourbon Milk Punch in MiMo

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Theorem: if milk does the body good, then...

Bourbon milk punch does the body really good.

Allow us to logically break down the proof using Vagabond Restaurant & Bar. It’s the Vagabond Hotel’s artsy new nook for marbled Spanish pork and the aforementioned milk punch. And hey, it opens this Monday. (See the slideshow.)

Alex Chang. Did a stint at Animal in LA and the Michelin-starred Pujol in Mexico City. Now he’s bringing you a crazy little menu starring some tasty takes on dishes from all over. Stuff like grasshoppers from Mexico sautéed with marcona almonds, marbled pork from Spain served with Xató sauce and... a burger. Whatever. Sometimes you just need a good patty.

And it’s a pretty snappy study in mid-century modernism in here. Like being invited to the Jetsons’ house for dinner or something. Picture teal couches, Sputnik chandeliers and art curated by one of the partners.

The bar: classic starting point. Guide your date to the circular pod in the middle and get moving on some bourbon milk punch. Then, segue to a table sidled up next to the open kitchen where you’ll get a preview of what you’re about to eat.

And everyone knows the previews are the best part.


Vagabond Restaurant & Bar
7301 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL, 33138


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