GastroPod and Noodle Head

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Noodles and Burgers in Wynwood

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You: could really go for a burger.

Your date: could really go for a bowl of noodles.

You: aren’t backing down.


Your date: looks really good in that thing.


You: pull a win-win and go here—GastroPod and Noodle Head, chef Jeremiah Bullfrog’s new dueling eateries in Wynwood, now open. (This way to the slideshow.)

Here’s how it all breaks down...

The Vibe:
Ridiculously Wynwood. You’ve got two shipping containers in a gravel lot painted over with street art murals. You’ve also got string lights, picnic tables and cornhole, if the mood strikes. And that projection screen you see: constantly looping Pulp Fiction on Saturdays. Plan accordingly.

The Food:
In one container, you’ve got GastroPod doing its thing—Korean-fried-chicken sandwiches, short rib burgers and masa waffles stuffed with pulled pork. In the other, you’ve got Chef Jeremiah’s new Noodle Head concept cranking out build-your-own noodle bowls.

The Drinks:
BYOB... for now. Because they’ve got big plans when J. Wakefield opens up next door. Big plans that likely involve their beer.

So the best kind of big plans.


GastroPod and Noodle Head
160 NW 26th St
Miami, FL, 33127


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