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None A skateboard refashioned into a bodysurfing board...

A wallet made from indigo-dyed deerskin...

A leather-and-canvas firewood carrier...

... are probably not things on your holiday list. Because you probably never even thought about them before.

And yet, they’re all available here: Edition Local, a new shop of such stuff in extremely limited quantities, online now.

Here’s how this whole thing works: this outfit heads into a community (first up: West Marin, California). They meet local artisans and other interesting folks.

Then they collaborate on a limited run of goods. Limited as in only 10 of them. Maybe 25. And they’re all a bit... special. Like ceramic lanterns made from Death Valley clay. Or cups hand-turned from walnut. Or those old skateboards, which now have a scene from the beach etched into them. Basically, stuff that could make good gifts.

And if you’re curious, they do some nice writing on the site about these characters they collaborate with—like the carpenter who’s also an accomplished surfer, and the heir to the last tsars of Russia who likes to create art on Shrinky Dinks.

It’s fun to read about strange people.

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