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Volcanic Stones and Crudos on the River

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Seasalt and Pepper.

You know it.

No, seriously, you know it.

Well, now it’s time to make the acquaintance of Modern Garden, a whitewashed nook for waterfront ribeye and the volcanic stone slabs that’ll be cooking it, now open on the Miami River. (See the slideshow here.)

Yep, the Seasalt and Pepper crew has gifted you with another riverside spot for sunset glasses of wine and crudos drizzled in infused oils. Way to out-gift just about everyone, guys.

Anyway, crudos. Scallops, urchin, lobster. All here. And while you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong for going that route, allow us to suggest the following scenario:

Friday. 9pm.

You. Leading a date who appreciates a bit of geology (you’ll see) to a cushioned banquette in this cozy, white-walled nook with potted purple orchids and a massive wooden tree sculpture that’s seemingly holding up the whole joint.

Beyond the windows before you: the glimmering Miami River.

In your hands: a chilled glass of white.

In front of your face: 850-degree volcanic stone slabs cooking up things like dry-aged ribeye, Berkshire pork and Muscovy duck breast.

Maybe give it a minute to cool off.


Modern Garden
422 NW North River Dr
Miami, FL, 33128


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