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A Restaurant Where Soul Food Is Made

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Fact: people like lists.

Speaking of which...

Six Reasons You Need to Go to Twisted Soul Tonight

1. It’s a new soul food spot that opens at 5pm in Decatur.

2. This slideshow.
Notice that it’s in the old Marbar spot. Only it’s a lot... redder now. The maroon mason jar vases on the tables, the pillows lining the banquette, the wooden partition that’s now separating the bar from the dining room. All deep red. Good soul food color? Something like that.

3. The food. It beckons.
Moonshine mussels. Sweet-tea-marinated baby back ribs. Meat loaf burgers. (Here’s the rest of it.)

4. The owner is kind of great.
Her name’s Deborah. She wears horn-rimmed glasses, and she’s the one making all that food. Told you she’s great.

5. The chicken deserves its own number.
You can get it in pan-roasted form. Or flash-fried-wings-over-coconut-gravy form. Or fried-and-served-with-three-cheese-orecchiette-pasta-a-collard-green roll-and-sweet-potato-apple-chutney form. All viable forms.

6. You’re thirsty.
Four simple yet impossibly moving words: Sweet Pot Pie Martini. It comes with a spoonful of sweet potato pie in it.

Somehow you forgot to drink one of those last Thursday.

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