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Many New Places to Eat Food and Drink Drinks

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Krog Street Market.

The whispers. The rumblings. The murmurs.

They’re all... well, true.

Because, as fate would have it, a flurry of walk-up restaurants just opened there today. And this is the part where we walk you through the place. (This slideshow should also help.)

Your Blockbusters
Fred’s Meat & Bread (pictured left): Smoked-catfish po’boys and vintage sodas from the General Muir team.
Yalla: Middle Eastern food like shawarmas and baba ghanoush. Also from the General Muir team. They’re a good team.

Your Trusted Go-Tos
Spotted Trotter 2 (pictured right): Find the red neon sign that says “Eat Good Meat,” and you’ll also find sorghum-cured pork belly bacon and a dedicated cheese case.
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams: Go here for a Rum Ball Fireside sundae with extra-bitter hot fudge on the bottom.
Hop City Inman Park (it’s opening soon): Beer. Wine. Growlers. Other similarly majestic items.

Your Wild Cards
Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate: Bean-to-bar chocolate sourced from places like Trinidad and Bolivia.
The Little Tart Bakeshop: Coffee and pastries that you’ll recognize from their Octane Grant Park setup.
Grand Champion BBQ: Have them give you a sample of brisket pulled directly from the smoker. Then have them give you a non-sample.

Assuming you’re not a bird.


Krog Street Market
99 Krog St
Atlanta, GA 30307


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