He Sled, She Sled

Handmade Wooden Sleds by Way of Colorado

None Picture the two of you.

Getting close.

Frolicking in the snow.

You laugh.

They don’t.

Because “they” are toboggans and flyers and things that look like chairs on skis from Mountain Boy Sledworks, a little outfit that’s been hand-making such things for many moons but is now online for the first time ever.

See, this used to be just one guy making sleds in Colorado. Then this couple was like, “These are great. Everyone should ride these.” So they took over, and here we are.

And hey, it’s colder than normal right now. And cold sometimes means snow. And snow is perfect for having winter-specific merrymaking devices made from woods like birch, ash and willow at your disposal.

Because then you can go about ripping around face-first on a flyer, getting four friends together and rocketing down a hill on an eight-foot toboggan or gliding around on a kicksled, which is basically a lounge chair on sled runners.

All that gleeful recreation can be exhausting.

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