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Live Music, Live Fish and Cocktails Under Downtown

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Typical aquariums: a couple fish behind glass. Maybe one of those little castle things.

Downtown aquariums: well, they wind through ceilings of massive underground bars.

Like at Mrs. Fish, a spectacular new three-level basement bar filled with bands, tequila coladas and caviar-slathered toast points under a winding ceiling aquarium, opening Saturday in Downtown. (See the slideshow and the menu here.)

Kind of a mindblower here. Just descend the elegant wrought-iron staircase off the sidewalk into the Pershing Square Building’s basement (far, far below Perch, from the same owners) and you’ll notice the snaking network of aquariums over your head. One tends to notice stuff like that.

If you’re getting to know some attractive new Downtowners... find a flaming, on-draft Old Fashioned at the huge L-shaped bar. It’s right by the stage. Oh, yes, there’s a stage.

If you’re with friends who like nutmeg-dusted tequila... head to the mezzanine’s cowhide-draped nook for fishbowl-size snifters of El Caminos (they’re like nutmeg-dusted tequila coladas), osetra caviar and Angry Inch Wagyu mini dogs.

If you tend to judge bands by their footwear... there’s a CBGB-ish lower level with seats putting you at eye level with the base of the stage. Also, there’s a drumming gorilla.

Of course there’s a drumming gorilla.

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