Well, This Is Convenient

An App That’ll Package and Ship Things

None Here’s a list of things that feel better than standing in a line:

1. Everything.

So let’s just... not do that.

This’ll help: Shyp, an app that’ll pick up, package and ship an item for you to just about anywhere in the world, launching in Miami starting today and available for iPhone.

Sure, it’s better to give than to receive. But the giving would feel a whole lot better if you weren’t stuck in line at the post office for three hours. Enter: these guys. They’ll take care of everything.

First download the app and allow it to know your location. It’s got to figure out where to dispatch a courier (home, office, store, you get the point).

Then, take a picture of the item. Don’t overthink it, Leibovitz. They just need to gauge the size.

Next, someone will pick it up within 20 minutes and take it to a facility where it’ll be carefully packaged by people with experience in this sort of thing. (Think: fine-art houses and luxury auctions.)

Finally, they’ll monitor all of the carriers for the lowest price and most reliable shipping route before sending it off.

But... no sending booze. Sorry.

The bottle looks better in your bar anyway.

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