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There was almost a Bob Vila joke right here.

But you know what... forget it. No time for that.

There’s only time for Find Everything Historic, an aptly monikered new site that lists all sorts of very old and culturally relevant places that you can rent for a few days or live in forever, online now. (See the slideshow here.)

Basically, it’s a whole bunch of beautiful buildings you wouldn’t mind escaping to for an extended period of time.

And these are but a few of them:

A charming B&B in Charleston: George Washington had breakfast with John Rutledge’s wife there. You could have breakfast there, too.

A Frank Lloyd Wright–inspired domicile in Illinois: No, Mr. Wright himself didn’t design this, but you won’t care because it’s all beautiful and stuff.

A massive hotel in Indiana: Your room will look out onto a huge domed atrium. You could easily lie in the center, look up, contemplate life and get some perspective. Or have some gin and not.

A quaint cabin in Virginia: That sits on 68 acres and was built in the 1740s.

And is probably just so incredibly haunted.

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