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Please. Allow Us to Be Your Gift Guides.

7edb8ccb5e6224ea574aedad179281358 PhotosThe UrbanDaddy Boston Holiday Gift Guide
“It’s better to give than it is to receive.”

That’s debatable.

But we’re not here to debate.

We’re here because people need gifts, and you need guidance.

Hence: The UrbanDaddy Boston Holiday Gift Guide, a slideshow of giftable objects scientifically proven to impress your loved ones and/or get that Secret Santa out of the way. It’s right here.

And it contains something for everyone you designated as “nice” this year. A box full of bivalves for the oyster connoisseur. Leather journals for the leather journal connoisseur. Antique canes that also shoot blow darts for...

We’re sure you can think of someone.

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