Lost Property

All Is Not Lost

A Dark Bar with Random Knickknacks to Take Home

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A gutted player piano that’s now a DJ booth.

A random candleholder you can have if you want.

Yep, this Hollywood bar’s got all the basics covered...

This is a bar called Lost Property, and you can get drinks but you can also take home one of the knickknacks if you really want one for some reason.

Anyway, the place opens tonight, and you can see the slideshow right here.

It’s an intimate dark-wood-and-leather spot, and it’s filled up with vintage luggage, an old soda dispenser, a 19th-century mirror, a... well, there’s lots of old stuff.

Come here when you and your date want a quick Vieux Carré and a couple fingers of Taiwanese single malt before a Pantages show. Or after dinner at Cleo, when you want a dark corner at... not-Cleo.

And yes. If you want to claim a bottle, they’ll hold it for you. Claim one for a friend, they’ll hold it for a friend. And yes, if you want to claim one of the random knickknacks: all yours. Really. Take it. Ask them if you don’t believe us.

You’ll probably just buy your own candleholder if you need one.

But at a bar, some people like to keep their options open, so...

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