That’s Handy

Handwritten Notes from a Robot

None The handwritten note. Quaint. Unexpected. That extra little personal touch that says you care.

Even if you cared enough to have a robot do it.

You can put your favorite fountain pen back in the drawer, because here’s Handwrytten, a new app that turns your messages into robotically handwritten greetings on letterpress cards, now available for iPhone.

So let’s say there’s someone out there you should be thanking. Or wishing a happy birthday. Whatever.

Call up this app. Pick whichever of their 15 letterpress cards seems most appropriate. Type some glad tidings into your phone (“Dear Bruce, Thanks for playing the Mall last night” is a nice way to start). Then you’ll turn it over to their team of robots who were apparently hired for their penmanship.

They’ll write it out in nice, legible script, and then do the same with the envelope. It’ll mail by the next day.

Now, for a robotic postman...

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