Hooked on Onyx

The Future Built You This Walkie-Talkie

None “Delta delta niner.”

“Roger that.”

“Check out my fort.”

Those were some of the fun things you said into walkie-talkies when you were a kid.

But that was then and this is Onyx, a strange and delightful little adult walkie-talkie thing for conversing with people in other rooms, other countries or other wherevers, now available for preorder.

It’s a small circle with a button in the center. You’ll clip that circle on your person. Then you’ll push that button. Then you’ll be able to talk to anyone in the world who also has one.

Consider these potential applications:

You’re skiing down a mountain.
And you’d love it if something mulled were waiting for you at the bottom. Hey, your friend’s at the bottom and now life is better.

You’re on a scavenger hunt.
Alert your team that you’ve got the used dryer sheet signed by a stranger. Good job.

You’re at Thanksgiving dinner.
Ask your sister to pass the gravy through this because gravy’s more fun with this.

You’re in Munich.
And you want your friend in Ohio to know that you’re in Munich. Just push the button and say it. Neat.

You’re pretending you’re in Star Trek.
Except not pretending because it came true.

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