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Face and Beard Stuff from Ohio

None This is a big month for your face. It might be wearing a Movember ’stache. It’ll definitely wear a bit of gravy, no matter how often you go to the napkin.

And it would do well to wear this: Cliff Original, a new line of natural, organic face and beard things, now available online from Ohio.

How you’ll use this stuff... well, it’s pretty straightforward. But let’s break it down anyhow.

If you have hair on your face.
Look to the beeswax-and-mint Beard Arousal Balm, and one of four Beard Arousal Oils, in scents like Bay Rum and Tea Tree. (Consult a physician if your beard stays aroused longer than four hours.)

If you don’t.
No problem. They make big bricks of beard wash in those same scents. It works perfectly well on shaven skin.

If you have hair on your head.
Go with Hair Arousal Wax, made from the bounty of Ohio farms and gardens.

If you sometimes encounter unopened bottles.
Look to the stocking-stuffer-ready metal beard comb/bottle opener.

For the beard that has everything.

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