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Part Sushi Bar. Part Teppanyaki Room. All You.

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Katana Teppanyaki & Sushi. Let’s break down that name.

Katana = Japanese sword.

Teppan = iron plate.

Yaki = grilled.

Sushi = ... sushi.

And all together, it means: a giant new restaurant that’s part sushi bar, part teppanyaki dining room and all yours, soft-open now for dinner in Buckhead (and fully opening November 17).

Here’s your blueprint...

To Your Left: Sushi
Bring: A date who appreciates glasses made from old wine bottles, servers in pinstripe shirts and seafood flown in from Japan.
Eat: Rolls like the Tic Tac with crab, Cajun-spiced salmon and Pop Rocks.
See: A big mosaic with a blue-haired anime character wielding a sword. (Witness the majesty of the slideshow.)

To Your Right: Teppanyaki
Bring: A handful of clients who are into anything hibachi-related.
Eat: Filet mignon and Chilean sea bass doled out by the chef manning the grill at your table.
See: Ten grills. Concrete planters filled with sand and wood. Zen.

To Your Middle: Bar
Bring: Yourself after some early holiday shopping across the street at Lenox.
Drink: The cocktail with Japanese whiskey and chamomile foam. (Once the liquor license gets in soon, that is.)
See: Flickering Himalayan salt candles and hand-carved wooden ninjas.

You weren’t getting out of this without ninjas.


Katana Teppanyaki & Sushi
3345 Lenox Rd NE
Atlanta, GA, 30326


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