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A Colorful Date Spot with Wine and Oxtail

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Happy Halloween. Today we have for you:

—A couple bite-size candy bars.
—A white sheet with eyeholes in it.
—A new Mediterranean-tinged date spot.

Please take just one.

Good choice. It’s called Oso Food & Wine, and it’s a small neighborhood bistro you’ll visit for outings that necessitate both food and wine, now open for dinner at Preston and Forest. (Take a look here.)

Oso means bear in Spanish. This place is neither Spanish nor bear-related. Instead everything’s all red and purple and friendly like some kind of colorful fresco that also serves chicken meatballs. The dining room’s split in two, and there’s a white, seven-seat bar in back. So now you know the layout, should anyone ask you about the layout.

Then go see it for yourself. Bring a date and settle in at a wooden table or a patterned booth along the wall. Make some light conversation. Share a meze platter. Ask to see a wine list. Debate whether you should get the pork chop Milanese or the braised oxtail, and then compromise by getting both.

Glad to see you’re on the same page.


Oso Food & Wine
11910 Preston Rd, Ste 209
Dallas, TX, 75230


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