Sheep Tight

Many Sheepskin Things to Lounge Upon

None As far as sheepskin beanbag chairs go...

Wait. That’s not a thing people say, is it?

Regardless, people should start saying that.

Because as far as sheepskin beanbag chairs go, the one from Parker Wool is pretty nice.

Parker Wool is a maker of sheep’s wool everything, and it’s online now, which is convenient because it’s fall.

Sure, you’ll run into the occasional alpaca throw in there, but basically this is simply a bunch of warm and fuzzy things to help you reach peak sheepskin. Which isn’t a thing yet, but you’re about to make that a thing.

As for the rugs, depending on the size of your hearth or secluded chalet, you can get them anywhere from single-sheep-size to eight-sheep-size. A standard of measurement you’ll grow accustomed to.

Or maybe you’re more of a beanbag chair person, in which case you’ll get one of those.

Unless you’re more of a cube person, in which case you’ll get... well, a sheepskin cube.

Happy Halloween?

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