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Ford Fry. Bocado. Antico. Avalon Is Happening.

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We’d like you to meet Avalon, a sprawling new alfresco complex of food and drink that’s opening in Alpharetta tomorrow. It’s got an open-container policy, a bocce court and over the next few days... all of these fine places below. (You want this slideshow.)

Your Blockbusters
The El Felix: Ford Fry opening a Tex-Mex restaurant means you get spiked horchatas and pork belly fajitas. Please hold your applause until the end.
Antico Pizza Napoletana and Caffè Gio: You know what to do here.

Your Trusted Go-Tos
Bocado Burger (pictured middle): Bocado’s burgers are delicious. Here’s a single-purpose shrine to Bocado’s burgers.
Bantam & Biddy: Shaun Doty’s meatloaf sandwich. You’ll dabble.

Your Wild Cards
Bantu (pictured right): It’s a casual noodle bar. Grab a cucumber-infused sake cocktail to go and head to the bocce court.
Oak Steakhouse (pictured left): This is your dark-and-brooding-date-spot play for Manhattans and giant ribeyes. Steakhouse and all.
Crú Food & Wine Bar: It’s got wine and a rooftop patio. Just when you thought there wouldn’t be a rooftop patio...

Your Pre-Halloween Stop
Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory: Oh, this? It’s a shop with over 400 kinds of candy.

It’s a Halloween miracle.


2200 Avalon Blvd
Alpharetta, GA, 30009


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