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You know that person who’s always “too busy” to grab lunch?

Well, now they’re... not.

Because Gusto Wood Fire Grill, a very casual, very new lunch spot with a couple of General Muir vets running the show (one’s handling the cooking part, one’s handling the owning-it part), is now soft-open and officially opening Friday in Buckhead.

And about that owner. Name’s Nate Hybl. Tall guy. Used to play for the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars. Got hungry a lot. And that’s pretty much how he came to open this small spot with yellow stools and stacks of red oak and hickory logs in it. (Here’s the slideshow.)

It’s an order-at-the-counter-and-receive-your-food-not-long-after kind of situation. But first you’ll answer some questions like...

“What’s your style?”

Suggested answers:
“Toasted bread. Steamed flatbread. Brown rice.”

“What’s your protein?”

Suggested answers:
“Chicken. Maybe shrimp.”

“What’s your gusto?” (That’s a combination of sauces, vegetables, fruits and garnishes.)

Suggested answers:
“Apple curry peanut. Or buffalo buttermilk blue. Or sweet soy sriracha.” (Here’s the menu.)

And then you’ll ask yourself...

“Would I like a chocolate or peanut butter frozen yogurt for dessert? Or maybe a Mexican chocolate cookie?”

Suggested answer:
“I would, yes.”


Gusto Wood Fire Grill
1935 Peachtree Rd NW
Atlanta, GA, 30309


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