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A Come-Hither New Everything-Spot in Vinings

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In a few hours, you’ll be:

—A few hours older.
—A few hours wiser.
—A few times more likely to be drinking tequila and eating brisket.

Because Tom Murphy of Murphy’s fame has a restaurant in Vinings now. And you’re going.

Glad we could clear that up.

Meet you at Paces & Vine, a happy and healthy new baby restaurant from the guy we just mentioned, opening this very night in Vinings.

Okay, you’re dismissed...

As long as you fully understand that a date should be exposed to this place. Because it’s pretty special—deer antlers, framed butterflies from a museum in France and pressed flowers on the walls. White brick archways. Handblown glass lights. Actually, just check out this slideshow and then be on your way.

Unless, of course, you want to see the menu, too. You’ll need it to order things like Guinness-braised brisket at dinner and goat-cheese-topped lamb burgers at lunch. But seriously, see you later.

Brunch. You should know about the brunch situation. In a nutshell: you’ll be ordering malted-pecan waffles in front of an alfresco brick fireplace. All right, scram.

But also Winter Margaritas with tangerine-and-apricot-infused tequila in them.

Oh... you’re still here.



Paces & Vine
4300 Paces Ferry Rd SE
Atlanta, GA, 30339


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