Things to do for October 23, 2014

The Weekender

DJs, Alligator Hot Dogs and Boozy Shakespeare

Would you like a regular- or sweet-potato weekend?

Vodka and a DJ. And Ben Sherman, Too.

Vodka and a DJ. And Ben Sherman, Too.

Uniform just reaped a fresh bounty of new fall gear from Ben Sherman. And to celebrate the harvest, they’re inviting you over for gratis vodka drinks, a DJ and the option to take 20% off all their fall shoes and clothes. Or a fifth, if you like your discounts in fractions.

Brewery Projector Party. About That...

Brewery Projector Party. About That...

Aeronaut’s holding their second projector party Friday. And that’s all. Oh, but if you’d like to know more: expect to see over a dozen artists projecting films, animations and other things best described as “visual” while a trio of DJs spin and everybody drinks beer. Because it’s a brewery.

Alligator Hot Dogs. Now You Know.

Alligator Hot Dogs. Now You Know.

We wouldn’t recommend trying to eat an alligator in the wild. That’s madness. But we will recommend eating an alligator in miniature hot dog form at Estelle’s. On a plate that includes similarly hot-dogged bison and venison. That’s right. Hot-dogged.

Available now, $12.95, Estelle’s, 782 Tremont St, 857-250-2999

Put Your Phone Away, Get Free Food

Put Your Phone Away, Get Free Food

The Challenge: Before eating lunch at Salvatore’s, everyone in your party must surrender their smartphones at the host stand. No bribery allowed.
The Prize: Meaningful conversation with friends.
The Better Prize: Everyone who makes it gets a gratis entrée in addition to what they ordered. Bolognese never tasted so... free.

Beer, Meet Macbeth. Macbeth, Beer.

Beer, Meet <em>Macbeth. Macbeth</em>, Beer.

If you walk into Bill’s Bar Monday and witness murder, witchcraft and someone shouting “Out, damned spot,” don’t panic. It’s just another raucous performance of Shakespeare in the Pub. And this time, they’re tackling Macbeth. Yes, they’re still serving beer.

Oct 27, 8-9:30pm, Bill’s Bar, 5 Lansdowne St, 617-247-1222

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