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Words of the Day: Taco and Michelada

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Speaking at the Second Virginia Convention, Patrick Henry said, “Give me micheladas, or give me death.”

Okay, so maybe “said” is too strong a word, but it segues nicely into this...

It’s Empellón Al Pastor, a Mexican watering hole with an inordinately good taco game, now open in the East Village.

By now you’ve sampled the goods at one of the Empellóns. Those goods are good goods. And at this version, you’ve still got some killer work in the field of short rib barbacoa and tacos al pastor (you might have known), but you’re skewing a little more toward a dive-bar-y existence.

Which means Wylie Dufresne and Andy Ricker both contribute their ideas of a michelada. There are also eight other ones, along with an apple cider margarita, and really, why the hell did that take so long to pioneer? And if members of the tequila/mezcal family might be in the cards for you, well, let’s just say they aren’t estranged from this place.

But enough talk. You should look at this slideshow, because it’s got the barbacoa and the marg and an enormous mural of a goat lording over a stack of Benjamins.

No, that’s not the mezcal talking.

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