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Kolaches and Beer on Lower Greenville

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Kolaches: good.

Beer: also good.

So kolaches and beer together: hey, we like their chances.

See for yourself at The Bohemian Cafe, a friendly all-day hangout that’s merging fresh kolaches with live music and, soon, beer, opening Monday on Lower Greenville. (See the slideshow here.)

Once inside, you may notice the green and blue tables, the walls full of knickknacks and the decorative white oven. Then again, you may not. Because you probably just made a beeline for that glass case full of kolaches.

Or at least you should have, because it’s sporting a bunch of fruit kolaches with blackberries and strawberries. Klobasneks, which are like kolache cousins, but filled with sausage. And something called a Monte Czecho. Consider a Monte Cristo sandwich (turkey, ham, swiss, provolone, raspberry). Then consider it more like a kolache. Then consider ordering two and calling it a day. (Here’s the menu.)

So that covers breakfast, lunch and snacks. But even at night, this place has real hangout potential. Because there’s a stage in front for live music, and once their license comes in, beer and wine will happen.

You love it when that happens.

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