Things to do for October 09, 2014

The Weekender

Croquetas, ’80s Cocktails and a New Pizza Joint

Whistle while you weekend.

A New Pizza Joint with Some Chops

A New Pizza Joint with Some Chops

Below, four essential facts about the new pizzeria in the Ironside Complex:
1) It’s called Ironside Pizza.
2) It’s from the owners of Toscana Divino.
3) They’ve got Neapolitan pies baked in a wood-fired oven.
4) They’ve just built a patio for enjoying said pies.
5) Okay, that was four.

Craft Cocktails. At Mansion.

Craft Cocktails. At Mansion.

Cocktails & Dreams. It’s where Tom Cruise unleashed his knack for bartending flair upon a largely unsuspecting world. It’s now where you’ll be partaking in mai tais and Old Fashioneds under neon lights... at the former VIP bar in Mansion. Keep an eye out for Elisabeth Shue.

About That Croqueta Party...

About That Croqueta Party...

Croquetas. You’ve probably eaten a few (hundred). And you should probably expect a significant increase in those numbers this Sunday. Because 10 croqueta purveyors will be competing for the “best of” title. You’ll get to weigh in, drink gratis Cuban sodas and partake in some flan. Flan-partake responsibly.

Just Some Killer Omakase Here

Just Some Killer Omakase Here

Let’s say we’ve maybe got intel that a certain famous chef (some guy named Katsuya) is making his way to town for one night and personally preparing family-style omakase for a small group of people. But, you know... maybe.

Oct 14, 7-10:30pm, $75, Katsuya at the SLS Hotel, 1701 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-455-2995

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