Fob Story

Key Fobs. Bottle Openers. Few Hooks. Great.

None - .... .. -. --. ... / - .... .- - / .- .-. . / -- .- -.. . / .-- . .-.. .-.. / ... - .- -. -.. / - .... . / - . ... - / --- ..-. / - .. -- .


That’s Morse code for “Things that are made well stand the test of time.”

Which is pretty random if you think about it.

Then again, so are key fobs and bottle openers. So maybe just go with it...

Unclose closed stuff with the Spencer Collection, a shining example of how brass, wood and leather can make simple things like bottle openers and key fobs that much less... simple, now available for preorder.

If you have a moment, proceed to the site. If you don’t, proceed to the next sentence for a breakdown:

The Key Hook
It’s got a solid brass hook, some polygon-shaped walnut detail and a leather strap. Congrats on your wonderful new key hook.

The Key Fob
The kind of thing you’ll use every day. Whistle as you toss it to the valet. Twirl it around your finger when you’re opening a date’s car door. Say “fob” a lot in general.

The Bottle Opener
You’re next to a fire pit. Someone laments that they need a beer opened. You produce this, and only good comes from it.

The Mini Bottle Opener
Imagine a hoverboard crossed with a jet ski.

This is not that.

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