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How to Find Good Coffee Shops. Maybe a Date.

None Reasons you’d visit a coffee shop:


Baked goods.

Generally attractive people.


Reasons you’d leave:

An absence of any of the above.

Helping you avoid an absence of any of the above:

Cubefree, a new app that helps you find a nice place to get stuff done and connects you with other friendly faces who need the same thing, now available for iPhone.

It tells you only the things you need to know about a café. Like the wi-fi strength. And if there are ample outlets. And how loud it normally is. And whether or not that one person over there with the legs and the face would like to join you.

Basically, you’ll pull up the app, search around your area and find the place that fits just right. Then show up and do whatever it is you do in such places. Work. Read. Eat danishes.

But back to that one scenario. Let’s say you eat danishes better with company. You can send an invite to share your table with anyone else on the app, or offer to buy them a coffee right there on your phone.

Speaking real human words: also an option.

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