The Essential Weeknight Party Breakdown

Sure, some people could make a case for going out on the weekend. But if you want random Snoop Dogg shows and semi-naked people riding pigs, it’s up to the city’s finest weeknight parties to fulfill you. Like these weeknight parties in particular.

Sundays at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

Sundays at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

The Scene: A languid afternoon house party, where you might leisurely drink from a coffee mug... in a backyard hammock. Like Sunday at home. With a few hundred beautiful strangers, live indie bands and rooftop roller-skating shows. So, right, just like home.
Keywords: Snow cone benders, Regal Beagle, “two Choco Tacos, please”

#DBAMondays at DBA

#DBAMondays at DBA

The Scene: Licentious dance party with girls draped all over the walls, champagne all over the floor and sporadic appearances from an up-and-coming DJ named Snoop Dogg. That guy’s really going places.
Keywords: Girl-to-guy ratio, Soulja Boy resurgence, “it’s medicinal”

Mondays, 10pm-2am, #DBAMondays at DBA, 7969 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, 855-367-7969

The Argyle Tuesdays at the Argyle

The Argyle Tuesdays at the Argyle

The Scene(s): Downstairs is a kicked-back den with ’80s and ’90s rock. Upstairs is more like circusy performers, surprise Tyga shows and servers riding fake pigs drenching themselves in bubbly. Aka open format.
Keywords: Stilt envy, bustier abundance, dragon-fruit-y mezcal, “better than Charlotte’s Web

Project Wednesdays at Project LA

Project Wednesdays at Project LA

The Scene: Oh, you know, maybe some hip-hop, some rock and a massive, generously light-showed dance floor. With the occasional appearance by a live guitarist and a technically clothed dancer on a lit-up crucifix.
Keywords: Mini-squad-car champagne delivery, Roxbury flashback, “that laser was more of a periwinkle”

Wednesdays, 10pm-2am, Project Wednesdays at Project Los Angeles, 6356 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, 323-469-0400

Throwback Thursday at Genesis

Throwback Thursday at Genesis

The Scene: Jeremy Fall hosts this Thursday tribute to all things ’90s in his snug attic club over Sassafras. Dance to pop, hip-hop and rock by rotating DJs, grab a black-lit neon drink and get your photo taken on an old disposable camera. Ah, the ’90s.
Keywords: Tasteful flannel, anti-bottle-service, “do apes count as taxidermy?”

Thursdays, 9pm-2am, Throwback Thursday at Genesis, 1231 N Vine St, Hollywood

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