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Here, Let This Thing Handle the Cocktails

None Before today, the problem with blocks of wood was that they had nothing to do with cocktails.

Today, there are no more problems.

Meet The Barman, a wooden scale and app combination that helps you make perfectly proportioned cocktails in the comfort of your own wherever, now available for preorder and shipping in November.

Think of this as a very aesthetically pleasing calculator. Except it’s for liquor. And the only function is “add.”

Two components here.

1) The box, which is little more than a wooden scale with a screen and a glowing LED light in the center.

2) The app, which connects to the box via Bluetooth.

Works like this: place your glass over the scale’s light. Pick which drink you want from the app, and the scale’s screen will tell you what and how much to pour. As for that light: blue means keep pouring, red means stop. Fun.

If you don’t like any of the hundreds of cocktail recipes already in there, you can invent your own.

And name it, too.

Which will be significantly less impactful if your name is Tom Collins.

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