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A Bunch of Classic Car Prints for Your Wall

The Mona Lisa.

Campbell’s soup cans.

Dogs playing poker.

Ferrari F40.

All of these things are art.

But only the Ferrari is available now at this new site called Petrolified. Well, the minimalist print version of it, anyway. Not to mention 29 or so other iconic cars that would look pretty great hanging from your walls.

It all started with one guy and one print. Now: same guy. Just a bunch more prints. And you’ll find the story behind each car on the site. That way you can pass those stories along to amazed lookers-on before clinking some ice around in a rocks glass, taking a deep breath and saying, “... anyway.”

If you consider yourself a car person, carve out some real estate on your wall to hang pictures of the Kamiwaza 930, the Jittakorn 57 and/or the Datsun 240ZG. If you don’t consider yourself a car person, maybe reconsider your considerations.

Oh, and he’ll do collaborations. Meaning that if you’ve got a car and a story, he’ll make a special print of it.

Maybe have a good car.

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