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Creating Tables Out of Whatever

None What has four steel legs and comes from Detroit?

Hint: it’s not some sort of made-in-the-USA robot dog.

Or a car that can walk for some reason.

Guess that leaves us with The Floyd Leg, a sturdy set of clamp-on legs that can turn pretty much anything you desire into a table, now available online.

This one’s not hard to figure out. You’ve got four pieces of fine, Motor City–made steel that come in either a 16-inch coffee table or a 29-inch non-coffee-table height. But they don’t come attached to anything. These are the free agents of the table-legs world.

Clamp the foursome onto a nearly flat surface, and you’ve got an instant table on your hands.

A few things you could table-ify:

A door.
Sure, it looks great being your door and all. But you always knew it would look better as an improvised home bar.

An antique bank vault.
Makes for a great office desk, but may arouse suspicions if you’re a self-employed safecracker.

You’re never actually going to use that, right...

Existing tables.
If you’re just really serious about stability.

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