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As Wood as It Gets

A Rustic Beer-and-Burger Tavern on Ventura

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Show us an awards ceremony where Bryan Cranston makes out with Nicki Minaj, and then maybe we’ll all have a more exciting night.

On second thought, we don’t ever want to see that.

Let’s just stick to a new beer-and-bacon-burger joint from the Surly Goat guys.

There. That definitely sounds like a more exciting night.

Don’t forget to thank The Woodman—a rustic, antler-forward roadhouse from the Surly Goat/Phoenix/Verdugo Bar/Blind Donkey owners that’s filled with unusual beers and the kind of bacon that yearns to be atop burgers, soft-opening Saturday at the latest (and possibly sooner) in Sherman Oaks. (See the slideshow here.)

What this is: just a great place to escape after a long day discarding red herrings in some windowless Valley writers’ room.

What this also is: a great place to escape to even if you weren’t doing that. A place where you can pull out a tree-trunk stool, order one of those bacon burgers and find the kind of unusual, unfiltered local ale or sour beer you’d expect these esteemed beer guys to find you. That’s better.

And here’s a short list of other important atmospheric elements that’ll help along your night: flat-screens, chocolate-fernet martinis, a patio, pitchforks...

There just had to be pitchforks.


The Woodman
13615 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA, 91423


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