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Until you finish all your vegetables.

Good, now you’re ready for Kate Weiser Chocolate, a tiny box that consists of about 5% white walls, 5% glass cases and 90% homemade desserts. It just opened at Trinity Groves.

This comes to you from... right, Kate Weiser, former treats czar (not her official title) at Chocolate Secrets. You know this because a large image of her dessert-speckled face is plastered on the wall. She’s a pleasant one, that Kate Weiser.

Anyway, consider this place your new go-to for...

Midafternoon snacks.
There’s no shortage of those. Real heat-beating staples. Like exotic ice creams (lime mascarpone, sweet basil) and something called frozen drinking chocolate. Which is basically what it sounds like. And it sounds delightful. (You can see the menu here.)

Extending dates.
Say you just had dinner nearby at Casa Rubia. And say it went well enough that the prospect of two espressos, a couple macarons and some bacon toffee starts sounding good. Then say you stopped in for just that. Nice, way to execute.

Giving gifts.
That’s something you do on occasion. And that’s where those white shelves come into play, because they’re stocked full of boxed-up bonbons and other first-date/second-date/third-date/I’m-sorry-about-how-that-third-date-went essentials.

Apply as necessary.

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