Lock of Ages

A Bike Lock That Scoffs at Keys

None We’ve seen the future. Really grand stuff.

Hovering bars. Self-folding burritos. And you. Opening locks with your mind.

About that last one, the future is now... sort of.

Because you’ve got BitLock, a bike lock that uses your smartphone as a cue to automatically unlock when you approach, available for preorder now.

This looks like any other U-shaped bike lock. Except it’s been fitted with special hardware that communicates with an app on your phone. As soon as you get within three feet of your bike, the app sends a signal that unlocks it without the use of any keys.

Which might be useful in a time crunch. Like when you’re picking up takeout on your two-wheeler and keeping your tacos al pastor as warm as possible is of critical importance. Hey—every second counts when it comes to tacos.

Also: you can give an access code for the app to friends, family or someone special who might want to go get a couple cups of coffee. Nice. And just because, it can also track your ride mileage and how many calories you’ve burned.

Now if only you could remember where you left your phone...

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