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Meat Loaf, Beer and a Patio by Chastain Park

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If you haven’t made it out to the Chastain Park concert series yet, do that soon.

For one: only a couple shows left.

For two: this place is about to exist.

And they’re calling it Chastain Tavern, a low-key new watering hole with comfort food and comfort beer, opening Thursday for dinner near Chastain Park.

Sure, we’d love to tell you when you’ll wind up here:

Before the Boyz II Men show on Friday.
Sit in the booth under the black-and-white picture of the Chastain amphitheater. Continue the foreshadowing with a Chastain Spice cocktail with bourbon and two kinds of bitters (cardamom and ginger). Also: no, really. Boyz II Men is playing.

Around noon.
They’re open for lunch starting Friday, so get that with some colleagues. Take over a few stools at the blue backlit bar with four flat-screens behind it. Ask the bartender for some meat loaf and a ½ Pound Chastain Burger with peach salsa and chipotle sour cream on it. Maybe only one of those things.

During the DJ set.
They’ll occasionally have live music on the huge covered patio. Go. Dance. And in a couple months when they open up the rooftop patio, go back and dance some more.

Maybe wear a sweater that time.


Chastain Tavern
4629 Wieuca Rd
Atlanta, GA, 30342


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