Boozy Juice Bar

Juice Cleanse

It’s Liquor. It’s Juice. It’s Both.

It’s summer.

Better drink some juice.

But... it’s summer.

So better add some gin.

Increase your vitamin intake with the new Boozy Juice Bar at Bolsa Mercado. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and they’re slinging spiked juices now.

So let’s evaluate the goods.

McGregor’s Garden: An invigorating blend of oranges, carrots and basil improved with a nourishing dose of vodka. It might be the healthiest thing you do all day. Which... might say more about your life choices.

Mr. Pink: It all starts with strawberries and apples. Then come the bananas and lime. Don’t forget the grapes and mint. It’s delicious. It’s also spiked with rum. Probably should’ve led with that.

The Politician: This simple three-parter joins red grapes with ginger and gin. It’s refreshing, it’s slightly spicy, and it results in fewer stares than a morning martini.

Frida Kahlo: You knew tequila would make an appearance somewhere. And it’s here, alongside fresh orange juice and lime.

And thankfully absent the unibrow.


Boozy Juice Bar
at Bolsa Mercado
634 W Davis St
Dallas, TX, 75208

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