So Fresh, So Clean

An App That Does Your Laundry

None Laundry.

On the list of the most excellent things in life, it... doesn’t exist.

Hence Cleanly, a new app where your laundry gets done without you doing any work, now available for iPhone.

One thing to get out of the way—they’re only doing this on the Upper East and West sides right now, but any day now they’ll be all over. And when they are, you’ll consult this step-by-step walkthrough of your new laundry regimen.

1. Wear clothes.

2. Remove clothes and place them in hamper/basket/large pile on back of chair.

3. Repeat with several clothes.

4. Open Cleanly app on your phone.

5. Enter a pickup time and choose between “Wash & Fold,” “Wash & Press” or “Dry Clean.” Then schedule a delivery time.

6. At appointed time, open door for pickup guy. Hand laundry over.

7. Continue living.

8. And... we’re still living.

9. Be home during scheduled delivery time.

10. Receive clean clothes.

11. Invent an app that puts away clean clothes.

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