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Addison Gets a Ramen Shop

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As August approaches, we know what you’re thinking.

Prime soup weather.

(Just go with it.)

And then go to Ramen Hakata, a happy little den you’ll call upon for authentic tonkotsu-style ramen, now open just up the road in Addison.

Not a whole lot of ramen around these parts, so this is nice. And they’ve set up shop in a cozy, light wooden hangout that’ll make you forget you’re having lunch in a former burrito joint in an Addison strip mall. So that’s also nice.

For the full experience, grab a seat at the counter for a view of the massive steel vats in front of you. Those hold the key to your future, which is basically you hunkering down over springy noodles and rich, porky broth that’s been simmering for upwards of 12 hours. Order up the namesake Hakata Ramen with chashu pork and a soft-boiled egg. Or try the red-tinged Spicy Miso Ramen for something that’s both spicier and miso-ier.

And yes, a cold beer would certainly come in handy about now. But too bad, you can’t have one. Just kidding, you totally can. You just have to bring your own.

Sorry if we scared you.


Ramen Hakata
3720 Belt Line Rd
Addison, TX, 75001


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