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Cardamom Hill’s Successor Is a Good One

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Tonight: Cardamom Hill closes for good.

Tomorrow through Thursday: you walk around with slumped shoulders and a sad stomach.

Friday: Spice to Table, Asha Gomez’s casual and exotic new Indian patisserie, opens for breakfast and lunch at Studioplex.

Suddenly, all is right in the world again.

And here’s why, in convenient breakdown form...

The pedigree: You know Asha. Started by operating a secret supper club out of her home. Eventually opened Cardamom Hill. Churned out an event space along the way. That old career path.

The space: Glass garage doors. Wooden communal tables. Antique shelves from India. Smells like samosas and seven-spiced carrot cake. Sounds like a Bollywood soundtrack.

The drinks: Breakfast-y stuff like teas, hot chai and a house blend of coffee. Things that will all work to your advantage at 7:30am on a weekday.

The food: Whatever’s on that day’s menu. Think pork vindaloo sandwiches, curried-chicken-stuffed bread and goat tongue sandwiches. Not enough tongue in this town.

The crowd: Fitness types grabbing caffeine (it’s near a kettlebell gym). Artist types grabbing cashew crostatas (it’s also next door to ABV Gallery). You types being you...

Assuming you go there, otherwise it’s mostly just those other people.


Spice to Table
at Studioplex
659 Auburn Ave NE, Ste 503
Atlanta, GA, 30312


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