Things to do for July 24, 2014

The Weekender

A Lobster Boat, a Polo Party and a Bunch of Fried Chicken

... and introducing the weekend as itself.

Korean Fried Chicken. Let That Sink In.

Korean Fried Chicken. Let That Sink In.

Mad. Angry. Furious. Those are negative emotions. They’re also the names of the increasingly spicy garlic sauces that get hand-brushed onto wings and drumsticks at this new Korean fried-chicken joint in Chinatown. You’ll also find chicken-and-taro-batter-waffles made with taro whipped cream. Hope you like taro.

Eat Salsa. Dance the Salsa. Repeat.

Eat Salsa. Dance the Salsa. Repeat.

Someone really wants you to go to Brattle Plaza. Because tomorrow night, they’re filling it with gratis salsa samplings from spots like Beat Hotel and the Taco Truck, a DJ spinning Latin dance tracks and a dance instructor named Matei. Sorry if you wanted his name to be Bobby.

Jul 25, 7-10pm, Brattle Plaza, 25 Brattle St, Cambridge

A Thomas Crown Affair–Style Polo Party

A <em>Thomas Crown Affair</em>–Style Polo Party

Meet the Myopia Polo Club. They shot the polo scenes from McQueen’s The Thomas Crown Affair there. So it’s a pretty great place for a fundraising party based on the ’68 classic, complete with cocktails, meat skewers and a USA vs. Argentina test match. Huge polo rivalry. Probably.

A Patio’s Worth of Ribs and Vodka

A Patio’s Worth of Ribs and Vodka

It would be a real shame if this weekend went by without some sort of patio barbecue party. Good thing the Sinclair’s coming in heavy with butter-confit chicken wings, five-spice pork ribs and plenty of vodka drinks. Shame averted.

Jul 27, 3-6pm, $50, The Sinclair, 52 Church St, Cambridge, 617-547-5200

You’re Going on a Lobster Adventure

You’re Going on a Lobster Adventure

If you’ve been holding a grudge against lobsters, here’s your chance to settle the score. You’re about to embark upon a lobster-boat cruise to haul some crustaceans out of traps before returning to dry land for boiling lessons from Island Creek Oyster Bar’s chef de cuisine. You: 1. Homarus americanus: 0.

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